Children's Choir musical "CAMP DISCOVERY"


children’s choir musical created by Lisa Hartley

arranged by Robert Elkins



This musical teaches children that they are uniquely created by God who loves them very much. The children learn that where they have weaknesses, God will give them strength. They discover how special they are to God and how they can depend on Him for everything.



The story takes place in a camp setting. The camp counselor announces a contest in which the winning team will receive a very special prize. The campers are given an envelope each day of camp. (Every scene represents a new day.) Inside each envelope is a Bible verse and an activity. To earn points toward the winning prize, they are to complete the activity and figure out how it relates to the given Bible verse. As the children complete their assigned tasks, they discover different attributes of God and how He can help them face challenges as they depend on Him. The campers also share the message of salvation with a member of their team and he asks Jesus into his heart. As the “week” progresses, the campers discover that God created each one of them as a masterpiece, uniquely special just the way they are. The prize at the end of the week is a symbol of just how different and special each child is to the loving God who created them.



This presentation contains songs of various styles and tempos, some upbeat and fun and others reverent and worshipful. Among the selection of songs are two that are taken directly from Scripture and two that are upbeat variations of traditional hymns. There also is a song which proclaims the name of Jesus in four different languages plus American Sign Language. There are several songs that would present optimal opportunities for the children to add choreography and/or play musical instruments as well. The message of salvation is very clear in the script and the music, and various attributes of God are also prevalent. In a fun yet meaningful way, this musical will engrave the message of God’s love in the hearts of the children who present it as well as those in the audience.