Resources to help your family work through Reactive Attachment Disorder


When seeking a therapist for you and your child with Reactive Attachment Disorder, you want to find someone who specifically provides ATTACHMENT THERAPY and is knowledgeable about REACTIVE ATTACHMENT DISORDER, DEVELOPMENTAL TRAUMA DISORDER, and TRUST-BASED RELATIONAL INTERVENTION®.


You do NOT want merely a generalized behavioral or family therapist, unless he or she specializes in the afore-mentioned topics. Seeing the wrong type of therapist will not meet the specific needs of your child and will further delay the healing that your child so desperately requires.


“Traditional therapy is useless for severely traumatized people, but especially children, because it does not reach the parts of the brain that were most impacted by trauma.” – Bessel van der Kolk, M.D.


Nancy Thomas, founder of Families By Design, has an extensive list of suggested attachment therapists published on her website. For more information, visit